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Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Academic Coaching and Academic Tutoring may sound similar or even identical.

There are indeed commonalities to both, but also key differences that present advantages to each approach. Which is best for the student depends on their individual needs at that point in their academic journey. In some instances, you may want to combine the two. 

What I provide

Having a special education background, I have the expertise to teach, differentiate, and appropriately modify academia for each of my students. And as an executive functioning coach, I work with my students' strengths and teach them skills to be able to prioritize, organize, and have the study strategies they need to succeed. This is not a fast process; it takes hard work. But, we know it was all worth it when you experience an "AHA moment," better known as the"light bulb moment." The student realizes they've completed one of their goals or aced a math test they've been tirelessly studying for. The student's CONFIDENCE skyrockets. This is the end goal for both coaching and tutoring - INDEPENDENCE. ​

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  • Student and Coach are in a partnership

  • De-emphasizing students’ limitations and teaching the student how to use their strengths to cope

  • Teaching effective time management skills and study strategies for greatly reducing homework time

  • Identifying strategies to manage distractions and improve focus, concentration, and sustained attention

  • Teaching metacognitive approaches (thinking about thinking) including self-monitoring and mindful reflection on outcomes

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Essay coaching and college essay prep

Do you [or your child] struggle every time you attempt to write an essay? When you sit down to write, either pencil to paper or on your computer, does your mind just go blank? 

Do you feel incredibly overwhelmed and you simply “can’t”? You are stuck. So, what do you do? Procrastinate by every means necessary! 


Analysis Paralysis is incredibly hard to push through.  I GET IT! Writing is hard! You are not dumb, or incapable of completing an essay. Because, let’s think about it, you are not choosing to struggle. If you could you would!


Whether it's an essay for your English class or a supplemental essay to submit for a college application, essay coaching can help you get there. I partner with clients and assist them in identifying meaningful, engaging, personal topics to brainstorm, draft, edit, and edit again. I will be there every step of the way. This process will be individualized for you and tailored to your needs as a writer.

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