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About Paige

Certified ADHD Life Coach & Licensed Learning Behavior Specialist

I started my career as a special education teacher, running a classroom with five para educators helping me support my 17 students, who all needed individualized adult support. On top of that, I had 15 other students who were on my caseload for whom I was responsible. If you did the math, yes, that’s 32 students total. 


So what does that mean?


I am passionate. My passion and genuine love for my students carried me through my years in the classroom. I thrive in chaos and am quick on my feet. The crazier the circumstances around me, the calmer I am. (Maybe that’s my ADHD brain coming in handy.) I’m highly organized; I have a backup plan for my backup plan. Lastly, I’m patient. Very, very patient. One of my favorite interventions in the classroom was working with a student who bit me (yes, you read that correctly) to communicate his needs because behavior was his way of communicating. After what felt like the longest four months, my sweet first grader was either screaming (verbally communicating) or pointing to what he wanted in his picture exchange system (PECS) notebook to get what he needed. This was exceptional! Every time he screamed I would smile, knowing my student was progressing and developing his own voice.

Though I am no longer directly in the classroom, I always tell my clients that I am dedicated to ensuring they get the support they need at school or in their place of work. 

A little bit about me...

My ADHD Story

In 2nd grade, I was rewarded for not talking unnecessarily in class. I was a motivated, enthusiastic student who always felt compelled to engage in class discussion (whether or not it was time to do so). I would raise my hand and when I wasn't called on, I would whisper a question or comment to a classmate next to me. The same thing happened every day. First, my teacher would cross her arms and glare at me. Then, she would pull me aside on the way to recess to talk to me about class etiquette. I urged her that everything I said was class-related, but it didn't matter. I was a disruption to other students' learning. What was I supposed to do? My thoughts bombarded me, I needed to let them out somehow. (This is very typical for someone with ADHD.) After many of these conversations, I was simply "too much" and was told to do my best to remain silent the entire class period. To lure me into this process, I was given a weekly sticker chart and after five stickers, I got to pick a prize. 

Coach Paige is sitting in her white office chair with a big smile on her face, holding a blue coffee cup

Fast forward six years and I was in 8th grade. My family could tell that something was off. I often studied for weeks before a test and would end up with a 70%. This caused my parents to think I was lying when I said I was studying, and for me to feel useless. "How come I study 10 times harder than everyone else and I end up with a low grade? This isn't fair!" I cried. It did not make sense. I was able to help my classmates study for tests. I aced every project. I completed every homework assignment. What was the disconnect? After two years of dealing with this, my parents decided to have me evaluated by an educational psychologist to see what was really going on. These tests saved my academic career. I was diagnosed with ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Within this diagnosis, my clinician was able to identify an area of concern - my working memory - which displayed a processing delay. This diagnosis gave me the ability to get a 504 Plan the following year. Not only was I able to take tests in another room, but I also got extended time for all assessments, which REALLY helped my test anxiety. Additionally, I was able to take a study strategies course, where I learned that teaching others the material, making up songs, and mnemonic devices stuck in my brain. Yes, it still took me longer to study, but I realized that I was capable. I could succeed. I needed to continue using what I knew worked for me, not what was going to work for everyone else. 

My Mission

  • To individually support clients and meet them where they are, not where they should be. 

  • To nourish unique brain wiring using research and interest-based tools and strategies to allow them to experience little wins daily. 

  • To illustrate how using your inner strengths can help one to conquer executive function challenges. 

  • Empower clients and have them know that progress comes with hard work, but with the proper guidance and consistency, nothing is out of reach.

Yes, all great minds think alike, but do all great minds learn the same way? 

Unfortunately, they do not. How GREAT it would be if they did. The way that society prepares youth today makes one think that if they can’t learn the material the way it’s taught in school, something is wrong with them. They feel less than. It makes kids feel like they simply cannot succeed. 

Did you know that success looks different in every single person? Yes. EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

Success looks like...

  • simply learning how to study for your next exam to make sure that you’re actually comprehending the information

  • arriving on time for school or work every day for a week

  • organizing your school work in color-coded folders by subject 

  • staying on top of your schoolwork by writing each assignment in Google Calendar

Success has no exact definition. Your success is your vision. Your version of what you can achieve in your own way. Let me be your partner in YOUR SUCCESS.


  • Graduate of ADD Coach Academy (ADD Coach Academy Associate Certified Coach (AACC))

    • Specifically trained in Executive Functioning, Adolescent, Parent & Family Coaching

  • Licensed Special Education Teacher 

    •  State of Illinois Learning Behavior Specialist LBS1, Certified to teach ages birth-21 & TESOL

  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP)

  • Certified Trauma Informed Practitioner

  • Orton Gillingham Reading System Trained

  • Neurodivergent Educational Advocate

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What Clients Say...

"Paige has been a huge help in keeping me organized and on track with my classes. The weekly meetings also help me with mental check-in for where I’m at with classes and what I need to do to improve my grades while prioritizing my mental health. One of the reasons why I’m passing my classes."

– Anthony, Client

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