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My Services

Coaching is a partnership where we close the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be. We examine your challenges, cater to your strengths, and create attainable realistic goals one step at a time. 

I partner with children, adults, parents, and families. Many of my clients are unable to reach their full potential due to not understanding their unique brain wiring. Some of my clients have diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or experience executive dysfunction and view coaching as a great supplement to their other providers. Others experience challenges like anxiety, depression, or have learning disabilities that affect their overall success in or outside the classroom. If you lack a formal diagnosis, that’s okay! Many clients benefit from learning how to utilize their strengths, build resilience and motivation, and find effective ways to manage their academic or work requirements in a way that’s individualized for them.

Learn how to utilize your unique brain wiring and embrace your ADHD Superpowers.   

Feel empowered in knowing your rights so your student can reach their full potential.

A combination of coaching and training will improve the quality of life of your family. Stop worrying and start managing. Create personal strategies that work for YOUR family.

Become the master of the CEO of your brain. Conquer your executive function challenges with your inner character strengths. 

A combination of coaching and training will improve the quality of life of your family. Develop effective strategies to control the choas and start living! Create personal strategies that work for YOUR family.


Initial Consult 


Setting Goals & Intention 

Educate & Implement 

Analyze & Assess


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What My Clients Say

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"My daughter had no problem opening up to Paige. She uses her ADHD lens, emphasis on partnership, and a safe space to allow my daughter to feel comfortable and heard. My daughter excitedly looks forward to meeting her weekly to build executive function skills. Coach Paige brings energy, kindness, and enthusiasm to her coaching practice. We know our 11 yr old will thrive with Paige’s skills and support! Thanks, Paige!

- Jen, Parent of Client

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